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Silent Setter

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Silent Setter kitThis is my eyelet setter of choice! There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main one is the fact that it is silent! There is no banging involved (as there is with some other eyelet setting sets) and as I am a "late night Scrapper" and all in the house are asleep, striking a metal shaft with a hammer in the middle of the night wouldn't have gone down too well, if you know what I mean!






What I like...


Apart from the fact that it is silent, because of it's design it does not restricted you any way as to where on a page or project you can place your eyelets. At the time I bought the set, the alternatives were the setters you struck with a hammer, or had springs which, when you released them, did the same job as a hammer, or the original Crop-o-dile. At that time the Crop-o-dile only had a reach of about 2" so that wasn't an option for me.



The cutting and setting heads are easy to place into the shaft, they are magnetic and so stay in place till you wish to remove them.


The whole thing (inlcuding some eyelets) comes in a smart zip up bag, it's not too heavy and considerably cheaper than the Crop-o-dile "Big Bite" which has since been released on the market, which although now allows you to get into the middle of a 12x12" page (6" reach) is a great big heavy piece of kit! Yes it can bite through tougher materials, but it's a big thing to lug to a crop!



What I think could be improved...


The Silent Setter has no problems with standard aluminium eyelets, of which there are many makes on the market. However you do have to add more pressure if using eyelets which are of a harder metal. Also, it is easier if you stand up and use the setter so that you can apply downward force to cut and set the eyelets, which means rising from one's seat... ok maybe I'm just lazy, anyway it's good to exercise! LOL So no real "cons" to this products for me.


In the VIDEO below I show you how easy it is to use the setter and explain a little about eyelet use for those new to the subject.





Video quality note



See This Page on the ScrapbookTV website for the "loud" alternative to the Silent Setter!



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