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Hybrid Crafting Kit
"Pink Damask" Collection

designed by SundayL





I am pleased to introduce the Pink Damask Collection of Hybrid Crafting kits.

Hybrid Crafting merely means the use of both digital and traditional (physical) elements to make a project, be that a scrapbook page or a card, etc. All these kits are available from and are in ".pdf" format so that you just download the digital part, open the file and then print out the relevant papers and elements which you then use in the traditional way of "cutting and sticking".

It is a really economic idea.

Yes, you need to provide paper and ink (so obviously need a printer!) but you ONLY print what you want, when you want it and can print out again and again. Not to mention the fact that you save space in your craft room, as your storage space is your computer's hard drive until you need to print for a project.

The picture below shows the kit of 12 background papers. Although the collection is called "Pink Damask" not everything is pink! The kit was designed with contrasting colours and patterns so that it can cover a multitude of uses (see below for a "blue" card example).

These are all top quality print 8x8 papers (so that they can be printed on a home printer), but they are suitable for a 12x12 layout of course, as we often use only 8x8 or smaller pieces of background paper on our larger layouts.

Pink Damask Collection - 12 background papers $2

Now guess how much something like the above kit costs? Well I can tell you that this kit of 12 papers is only $2 and you have an unlimited number of copies for that cost... see what I mean by economic!

This is a card made using the blues and greens from the paper collection!

Below shows the envelope from the "Pink Damask - Envelope and Tag Kit". This envelope matches the Freebie Card Kit and will therefore take a 5x7in from one piece of paper. It includes the template (showing cutting and scoring lines) and is embellished with a patterned paper finish on the inside flap of the envelope along with an embellished name/address panel on the front, just to make it extra special.

Pink Damask Collection by SundayL - Envelope kit

The picture below shows examples of the Tags you can make from the "Pink Damask - Envelope and Tag Kit".

Pink Damask Collection by SundayL - Tags

The one on the left is designed for you to cut out and assemble but the one on the left is just a quick example of a tag made from the other bits included in the kit. Of course, you could use all the elements to make a Card or Scrapbooking Page Element too.

And there is also a quick tag, which is a digital version of the tag on the left - you just print and cut out and give!The "Pink Damask - Envelope and Tag Kit" is $2.

There are two other elements in the Pink Damask Collection which will be appearing soon and those are...

  1. A mini album/brag book, with pages created using the Collection elements ready for assembly and adding your photographs, or you can add more elements if you want to,
  2. And a little matching bag for your mini album, which makes it a lovely gift.
There are lots of hints and tips on the website and I am adding to it regularly as I build the site and the next products... you are welcome to go and have a good old nose!










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