Book Review


Mastering Scrapbook

Page Design

by Michele Gerbrandt

Reviewed by Sunday Lamdin



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This book is one of the Memory Makers series of books, most of which I have found quite useful one way or another. I like their simple approach, with Lots of lovely pictures of scrapbooking layouts.

I particularly recommend this book to beginners because it "touches" on a lots of design principles but doesn't get bogged down in them.

One good practical feature of the book is the many 'before and after' examples of scrapbooking pages, which illustrate the differences between good and "not so good!" design.

There are certainly lots of "do-able" layouts in Mastering Scrapbook Page Design, which are for beginners and experienced scrapper alike.

Chapter contents include:

  1. Understanding Colour
  2. Learning Layout
  3. Creating Balance
  4. Adding Finese
  5. Applying all Concepts

Within these chapters is a wealth of information, including minibook creation, using sketches, how elements such as fonts, can transform your pages, and using patterned paper to create texture and so on.

A good book to have on the shelf to give you a bit of inspiration (or a helping hand) when you need it.




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