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Blue Damask Collection by designer SundayLHybrid Crafting Kit
"Blue Damask"
Scrapbooking & Card Kit

designed by SundayL




I reviewed the Pink Damask kit and what exactly "Hybrid Crafting" is HERE so I won't go into it again, but I will introduce the Blue Damask Range - which starts with a full Scrapbooking and Card Kit. ($4)

I originally designed the kit as in introduction to Hybrid Scrapbooking for my ScrapBuddies Crop members - it was used as part of the workshop, members were able to download it for free (perk of membership!) and being along the printouts to make pages and cards on the day.

Scrapbooking & Card Kit by designer SundayLScrapbooking & Card Kit by designer SundayL

It's pale blues, pinks and lilacs are ideal for baby boy items (pages, albums and cards), but as you can see from the examples below, I have used it for various themes. Please note that the actual colours are as the previews above and not as "blue" as the photos of my layouts have come out! Technology eh?!

The first three pages here are made using just the kit. That means that the only other things I used were double sided tape/sticky dots and a pair or scissors (ok I used my trimmer for speed in places!lol)

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What that means is that you can make a number of pages up from this kit with very simple tools indeed, and therefore it's ideal for beginners, as you can just print out another page if you make a mistake, or just need additional pages.

In my demonstration at the Crop about hybrid scrapbooking (and crafting in general) I made the point that there are many freebie papers available online which have been designed for digital scrapbooking. However, if you download the freebies and print them out (they should be at the correct resolution) you have suddenly found a huge resource of patterned paper. Most are designed for 12x12, so you will have to resize to fit onto a piece of paper that will go through your printer - generally A4 (US letter).

All my kits fit onto the size that you can print at home! And if you are a subscriber to the SSN Newsletter then you already have access to some of my freebie downloads - such as background paper, for printing and using on any project.

The other great thing about hybrid crafting is the fact that you are storing all your "stash" in digital format - taking up space only on your computer!

It will never replace the feel of elements such as brads and buttons, etc, which it's great because you can use both. To show this, I made an identical page to one of those above (my border collie Inde), but this time added some ink, brads, buttons and a bit of stamping to show the flexibility of using hybrid kits with your existing stash.

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click for larger versionDon't forget that although these papers are 8x8 (as that width is what fits through home printers), you can still use them on 12x12 layouts - see this example, where I have used some 8x8 papers from the Pink Damask Kit on a 12x12 layout

There is also a Video Page Tour of this page - HERE


You can Buy the Kit for your instant download from HERE


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There are lots of hints and tips on the website and I am adding to it regularly as I build the site and the next products... you are welcome to go and have a good old nose!











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