Video availableHow to make use of Rub-ons
that won't "rub-on" any more!




By Sunday Lamdin


I bought some "bargain bin" rub-ons a while back and when I went to use them I found that they didn't actually want to "rub-on" at all!

Naughty rub-ons!

The most common reason for this dilema is that they have dried up, but sometimes they can be too cheap and cheerful for their own good, and basically don't work properly when you get them home. I scrubbed hard at these letters, but they just didn't want to work and I ended up having to use pens to colour them in on my project. I was about to throw them away... sound familiar?

Cut out the rub-ons

Well despair not... you can still use them by simply cutting them out of the backing plastic and using brads, eyelets or stapling them to a layout or card.

It wold just be like using an acetate product! If your rub-ons are black or very dark in colour and are wide enough, you may even get away with gluing them, by placing the glue behind the dark coloured areas.

Here you can see I have used eyelets to hold them to the font of my mini album. I cut close to the letters leaving a margin at the top of each where I then placed the eyelet.

They can make good interactive elements

So no need to throw them away in disgust! Cut them out instead!


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