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  That feeling in my chest is there. My mind is racing. The palms are sweating. What is happening to me? Scraparalysis!

Now what do I do? I know! I will go to my local scrapbook store for inspiration. Fifty dollars gone and a bag full of goodies. I sit down and stare at them. Is that panic I feel? The state of overwhelm is growing.

Hmmmm. OK, a new idea book or magazine. That will cure this condition. I just need a few more ideas. Oh, look at page 52. What a cute layout. I can scrap lift that one. Nah, I don’t have pictures that are good enough. I am missing a stamp they used. Can’t do that one.

I could go on but I suspect by now some of you are nodding in agreement. How many times does the perfectionist monster take over when we sit down to create or even when we are just thinking about it. We believe more thinking, more studying and more waiting will cure our creative paralysis.

The cure is to jump in and do

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The cure is to jump in and do. I know this intellectually but my emotions continue to block any movement toward getting started.

As I began to put my thoughts down, I looked around the internet to see what others were saying. As you might suspect there is a wealth of articles about creative block and how to get past it. Many have been written in the last several days. See, we are not alone. It happens to the best of us. The key is not hammering yourself for it happening in the first place. The secret is to learn how to get over it this time and the next and the next time.

Andrew Leigh of The Creative Instinct writes about creative barriers. One of his recent writings spoke of changing our mind set from having to be perfect to striving for excellence.

Excellence does not mean being perfect. There will be moments when I think I am in artistic nirvana but to expect that every time I take out a blank piece of paper will keep me in the state of Scraparalysis. Work on those false beliefs holding you back.

Join me in taking these first steps.

Repeat after me, trying to be perfect robs me of the pleasures of creating my scrapbook pages and sets me up for feeling like a failure on a daily basis. Not good. Actively dismiss those thoughts.

Make something today. Even if your internal critic tells you it is hideous. Applaud it and tell the voice to hush up.

Make something tomorrow. Make a tag, a card front, an embellishment for a future page. You get the idea. Just DO.

Make something the day after that. Too busy will not fly. Take back 30 minutes of the time your are surfing around looking for new ideas to add to the 1000 you already have!

This is a great article and very true... we say we don't have the time, but maybe we should actually look to see how we waste time. I sometimes deliberately don't turn on my PC for a while so that I can do some scrapbooking without distractions! You should try it sometime... but don't forget to come back to and the blog!! LOL

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