All about Your Journaling




by Sunday Lamdin


Hide journaling behind photosMost people think of Scrapbooking as a way of preserving memories. And for the most part this is what most people create albums for.

But there is so much more to it.

We often get hung up on the aesthetics of pages and it becomes all about the photographs. But what about the journaling?

Now I know for a fact that a lot of people groan when you mention journaling because they don’t know what to write or they don’t like their own handwriting, etc.

If you don’t like your handwriting, then print out your journaling from your computer, or use hidden journaling under photos or inside envelopes, etc.  Don't forget that your family, especially your children "want" to see your real handwriting however.


I can say that from personal experience as my father died suddenly a few years ago, and I now cherish what little I have upon which he wrote, such as cards!  So get writing, and hide it from general view if necessary.


Or take up handwriting classes... only joking!!

Click for larger image of "My Hope"The top example shows hidden journaling that is tucked behind one of the pictures and (right) the use of a computer to print out some journaling (click picture to enlarge).

There are lots of ways (or types) of journaling, but one that is not done a lot is scrapbooking your thoughts for the future.

This is ideal to do for your children. And you get the chance to use some of those many pictures you have of your children that aren't linked to any particular event. Or, of course you can decide not use a photograph at all - make the journaling the feature of a layout!

Actually, it can be quite effective to make use of one of those slightly blurred pictures you may have as it brings an air of "wistful thought" to the layout.

You can write about your hopes for your children, your values and maybe even your experiences from which you hope they will learn.

A fun way of journaling about the future is to try some predictions! Say what you think your baby/child (grandchild) might be when he/she grows up! You can then compare reality to your layout in 20 years time and see how far off you were… or maybe that you obviously have a sixth sense, LOL



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