From Artists' Sketchbook to blank 

Scrapbook Album in no time!




by Sunday Lamdin


In our quest for more places to put our scrapbooking endeavours, we come across items which we can use - with a little adjustment that is!


SketchbooksHere are a couple of Artists sketch books I bought from a local shop.


Now of course, to simply add our pages to these ring bound pads would mean very "fat" books indeed as they have a lot of pages, however... as King Julian says in the film "Madagascar"....


"I have a plan!"


Cut the pages to make the margins


I reduce the number of pages by cutting out 2 of every three pages. In these sketch books it left 12 pages (so 24 sides).





To add dimension to the spine (padding for that end of the pages) I didn't rip out the whole pages, instead I left around 2.75" or 7cm and then folded each strip in half. This gives some support near the spine for each of the pages... neat huh!

view of the pages and cut margins


The above picture shows some of the 7cm strips left after cutting and the already folded pieces (above them)  I will continue to fold all of the pieces in readiness for being used for my "We went to Disneyland" Album.  This is the destiny for the red covered album anyway... of and by the way... I hope I will have thought of a hal way decent title for the album before it's finished too! LOL

As a final TIP, I suggest folding the pieces in towards each other as there are 2 strips in between each scrapbooking page, and you can even adhere the 2 folded pieces together if you wish.



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